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    Do you accept insurance?

    I am private pay only, allowing me to have a lighter caseload and devote more time and consideration to each individual I work with. I will provide you with a Superbill to submit to your insurance company for reimbursement. Most individuals report that these forms have assisted them in receiving a percentage of cost reimbursement. If interested in reimbursement, please check with your insurance company to see if they accept a Superbill.

    How do I know where to start with therapy?

    Many individuals feel overwhelmed and unsure when it comes to speaking with a therapist. I help make the process easier by offering a free, 15 minute phone consultation to determine if therapy together is a good fit, and I will provide additional referrals if needed. A detailed intake appointment will get you started identifying obstacles to overcome and personal goals you want to work towards in counseling. If unsure of personal goals, I will offer my expertise to structure sessions and meet your needs.

    Is online counseling right for me?

    Online counseling is therapy conducted over video chat platforms. Once we set up an appointment, I will send you a link to the video chat platform, and you will use that same link each time we meet for a session. Online counseling is ideal for a busy individual who struggles to have time to commute to appointments during the day or for a parent who is unable to leave home for long periods. Online counseling also allows for increased privacy for individuals that do not wish to attend a busy office in their town or neighborhood. I have had individuals meet with me in their car during their lunch hour or with an infant present. Pets are welcome to join too! The only requirement is that you have a private/confidential space (other than infants or pets present).

    How does online EMDR Therapy work?

    EMDR helps individuals heal from trauma through bilateral stimulation of the brain (alternating left and right movements). With online EMDR, the bilateral stimulation is created by following dots with your eyes from left to right on your screen. Online EMDR is easy to do and I will walk you through the process!

    How often do I come to therapy?

    The frequency with which you come to therapy is completely up to you. I will provide recommendations for a visit frequency that best fits your needs, but ultimately the choice is yours. Most individuals come to therapy weekly or biweekly. The goal is to attend more frequently in the beginning and then visit less often as you begin to use the tools learned in sessions.

    Any specific services you don’t provide?

    I do not offer services that are outside of my scope of practice. I am a Master’s level clinician and do no not hold a doctorate which means I cannot complete psychological evaluations for return to work/school/other duties or administer psychological tests. I do not provide custody evaluations and do not testify in custody disputes. I do not provide letters for Emotional Support Animals. I do not offer couples counseling. If you are experiencing immediate safety issues, please seek help from your nearest emergency room or call 911 or 988. Online therapy is not an immediate service capable of addressing emergencies.