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    Trauma – Narcissistic Abuse – EMDR Therapy – Anxiety

    • You’re always the one blamed in relationships.
    • You never feel like you’re enough.
    • You don’t know who you are.
    • You feel confused, empty, or numb.
    • Guilt and worry keep you up at night. 

    If you’ve experienced trauma, narcissistic abuse, emotional abuse, or struggle with anxiety, I can help you through online therapy. Reach out to ask me how online EMDR works!

    How Therapy Can Help

    • Feel less guilt and shame
    • Learn who you are
    • Stop people pleasing
    • Recognize unhealthy relationship patterns
    • Experience less anxiety and depression
    • Feel less pressure to be perfect

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    You are deserving of healthy relationships and a fulfilling life. 

    Get started with psychotherapy to begin healing from trauma and/or abuse. Online in Tennessee.