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  • Getting Started with a Therapist

    You’re interested in therapy but have some hesitations. You question if you have a valid reason for starting therapy and wonder if there are people who need it more than you. What would you even say to a therapist when asked why you want to schedule an appointment?

    People meet with a therapist for a variety of reasons these days. Therapy does not require a mental health diagnosis nor an identified issue to get started and modern therapy applies to all individuals seeking personal growth. Therapy is for you if you want help with stress management, seek a new perspective, need help with conflict resolution, or simply want to talk things through.

    Why Mental Health is Important

    Taking care of your mental health is important because it’s an investment in your emotional, psychological, and social wellbeing. Improved mental health has been shown to correlate with healthier relationships, improved physical health, and reduced stress. Anyone can benefit from working on their mental health at any time.

    Which Type of Therapist Do I Need?

    The search for a therapist can be overwhelming. There are several counseling modalities and specialties available, and it can be confusing to know how to get started. Below are some questions you can ask a potential therapist to help you find the right one for you:

    What is your experience and what are your credentials?

    What approach do you use and how does it work?

    What issues do you specialize in treating?

    What type of therapy techniques do you use?

    What is your availability and how often can I meet with you?

    Therapist in Tennessee and Georgia

    I provide individual, online therapy in Tennessee and Georgia. I specialize in the following areas:

    PTSD and Complex Trauma – Narcissistic and Emotional Abuse Recovery – Anxiety Therapy – Relationship and Attachment Help – Childhood Abuse

    Through therapy you can learn to stop the cycle of abuse, understand what’s blocking you from the life you want to live, and experience less anxiety and depression. Overall, I hope to help you feel more positive and hopeful about the future.

    My Therapy Approaches:

    Online EMDR helps you heal from past disturbing events by processing memories so that you feel less upset and triggered by them. EMDR can help you finally move past whatever has been holding you back from making positive changes in your life and relationships.

    Attachment Theory: A focus on understanding attachment and relational patterns developed in early childhood so that you can understand your current relationship patterns and learn how to break negative relationship cycles.

    Acceptance Commitment Therapy (ACT): A focus on acceptance of emotions and commitment to change so that you can begin to live a life and form relationships consistent with your values.

    Cognitive Behavioral Therapy: A focus on recognizing unhelpful thoughts and turning these thoughts into more useful ways of thinking so that you can feel less worried and more hopeful about the future.

    Get Started with a Therapist.

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