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  • Using the Grey Rock Method to Protect Against Narcissistic Abuse

    Narcissistic AbuseHow Grey Rocking Can Protect Against Narcissistic Abuse

    The Grey Rock method limits engagement with a narcissist by acting as boring and dull as a “grey rock.” Grey Rocking is effective because it limits the narcissist’s ability to further manipulate, devalue, and gaslight you. By limiting your responses, the narcissist becomes bored and has less opportunity to pull you into a toxic interaction. 

    The Grey Rock method does not apply to all abusive interactions. Please consult with a psychotherapist before employing this technique on your own.

    How to Use the Grey Rock Method with a Narcissist

    When it comes to implementing the Grey Rock method, it helps to remember that less is more. With a narcissist, you want to use as little commentary as possible or not respond at all. Below are some helpful tips to remember when using the Grey Rock method:

    • Don’t tell the narcissist that you’re taking this approach.
    • Don’t be deterred if the narcissist does not respond the way you expect.
    • Remember that you are using this method to protect yourself, not to change the narcissist or hope for a different outcome.
    • Provide short phrases or answers.
    • Avoid eye contact.
    • Do not argue back.
    • Distract yourself.
    • Avoid explaining, excusing, or defending your responses.
    • Appear indifferent, neutral, and unemotional.
    • If possible, don’t say anything.
    • Visualize yourself as a grey rock.

    Psychotherapy for Narcissistic Abuse

    Do not try to implement the Grey Rock method if you do not feel safe. You should first meet with a psychotherapist who specializes in narcissistic abuse to learn how to appropriately use this method. Please call the Domestic Violence Hotline if you do not feel safe and are experiencing domestic abuse.

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