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    About Nicole, Licensed Therapist

    You’re stuck in a cycle of relationships where you feel confused, depressed, and guilty. You get blamed for everything. You ask yourself, “am I the narcissist?”

    You’re a people pleaser and put the needs of others before your own. You don’t know who you are or what you want, and you feel uncomfortable asking for anything. Guilt and shame are emotions you constantly feel.

    You have trouble concentrating and tend to zone out. Upsetting memories are either so vivid that they’re distracting, or so vague you’re confused about what really happened. You ask yourself, “did I make it all up?”

    I specialize in helping women and men heal from narcissistic abuse, emotional abuse, narcissistic family, trauma, childhood abuse, and relationship anxiety. Through therapy, you can learn to recognize gaslighting/emotional manipulation, escape the cycle of narcissistic abuse, increase your self-worth, and stop feeling guilty when setting boundaries. Ultimately you can understand what’s blocking you from the life you want to live.


    Online EMDR TherapyNarcissistic Abuse RecoveryTrauma/PTSD Therapy

    Learn to recognize early warning signs of unhealthy relationships.

    Heal and move forward from traumatic experiences.

    Escape the narcissistic relationship cycle.

    Feel less anxious, depressed, and guilty.

    Learn how to set boundaries with difficult family.

    You’re tired of always feeling guilty and wrong.

     You’ve never felt truly loved or worthy.

    You question what really happened in your relationships.

    You’re ready for it to change.

    If you want to break the cycle and become a more fulfilled you, get in contact today!


    You recall upsetting childhood memories and wonder if it was abuse, but then immediately scold yourself for “being dramatic.” You tell yourself it wasn’t that bad, yet you struggle to move past it. All trauma is valid, and no trauma is too big or small to work through!

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    Narcissistic Abuse

    Every time you try to express your feelings or needs, it turns into an argument. Somehow, everything gets twisted back on you. You leave these conversations feeling confused, guilty, and anxious. You hold out for glimpses of the person you first met. You ask yourself, “am I the narcissist?”

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    EMDR Therapy

    You believe you aren’t good enough, lovable, or worthy. Maybe you believe you aren’t safe, or it’s your fault. You’re frustrated because you know all the techniques for positive thinking but you continue to feel stuck and hopeless. If this sounds familiar, you could benefit from EMDR Therapy.

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