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  • Individual Therapy for Narcissistic Abuse, Trauma, and Anxiety

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    About Nicole and How Therapy Can Help!

    You’re stuck in a cycle of relationships that make you feel confused, depressed, and guilty. You often feel blamed and responsible for every argument. You ask yourself “Am I the narcissist?”

    You describe yourself as a perfectionist and most days feel capable of handling anything. However, some days, you’re too stressed, scared, or overwhelmed to cope. You get forgetful or have brain fog and become even more frustrated with yourself. You feel irritable with those around you and then mad at yourself for snapping. Guilt and shame are emotions you are all too familiar with.

    I help individuals heal from trauma and narcissistic abuse. Through therapy, I can help you feel less shame and guilt and more hopeful about the future. You can learn to stop the cycle of narcissistic abuse, understand what’s blocking you from the life you want to live, and experience less worry.

    Counseling Approaches:

    Therapy can help you feel more confident and experience joy in relationships. I offer a combined approach that includes techniques and concepts from the following therapeutic models:

    Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing Therapy (EMDR): EMDR helps you heal from past disturbing events by processing memories so that you feel less upset and triggered by them. EMDR can help you finally move past whatever has been holding you back from making positive changes in your life and relationships.

    Attachment Theory: A focus on understanding attachment and relational patterns developed in early childhood so that you can understand your current relationship patterns and learn how to break negative relationship cycles.

    Online EMDR Therapy – Narcissistic Abuse Recovery – Trauma Therapy

    Learn to recognize early warning signs of unhealthy relationships.

    Heal and move forward from trauma & upsetting experiences

    Escape the narcissistic relationship cycle.

    Feel less anxious, depressed, and guilty

    Learn how to set boundaries with difficult parents.

    You’re busy and not sure if you have time for therapy. Online counseling gives you increased privacy and convenience. Through online therapy, you can participate in counseling from the comfort of your home, during your lunch hour, or in between parenting tasks. There is no commute, no traffic, and no busy waiting area!

    If you want to break the cycle and become a more fulfilled you, get in contact today!

    Trauma Therapy

    You experienced ongoing trauma, stress, or disruptions in your life, most likely starting when you were young with a parent or caregiver. You now struggle with constant feelings of guilt, anxiety, and self-loathing. You struggle in relationships and often feel you can’t control your emotions.

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    Narcissistic Abuse

    You try to express your feelings or needs but it turns into an argument. Somehow everything gets twisted back on you. You often leave these conversations feeling confused, guilty, and anxious. You ask yourself “Am I the narcissist?”

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    EMDR Therapy

    Deep down, you have a negative belief about yourself that pop ups from time to time in your relationships, work, and home life. Maybe you believe you aren’t good enough, lovable, or worthy. Maybe you believe you aren’t safe, or it’s your fault.

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