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  • Marital/Couples Counseling

    Do We Need Couples Therapy?

    No matter how you word things, your partner still seems to misunderstand you. You find yourself becoming more resentful and frustrated in your relationship. You’re afraid to speak up because fights never get resolved. You want to get back to the way things were at the beginning of the relationship, but feel helpless about how to do it. 

    Every couple will need therapy at some point in their relationship and the strongest, healthiest couples are the ones who invest in their relationship through ongoing maintenance counseling. Couples therapy is no longer considered taboo or something you do when you and your partner are in crisis. Couples therapy is a useful tool to help you and your partner better understand each other and learn to effectively communicate. 

    How Marriage and/or Couples Therapy Can Help You

    Most arguments between couples boil down to a misunderstanding in communication. We all have a tendency to bring our own biases and assumptions into  arguments with our partners which causes us to be reactive, defensive, or withdrawn instead of working towards resolution. Couples therapy can help with this!