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    I specialize in narcissistic abuse therapy, trauma therapyand EMDR therapy.

    • You’re tired of being the scapegoat in your family and want to set boundaries without feeling guilty.
    • You’ve been in a series of toxic relationships. You want to feel secure and loved but don’t how. 
    • You tell yourself that your childhood wasn’t that bad, yet you struggle to move past it and feel stuck. 

    If the above sounds familiar, I can help. 

    Contact me today to get started with therapy in Sandy Springs and Atlanta, Georgia.  

    Therapy in Atlanta and Sandy Springs

    As the largest city in Georgia, Atlanta can be an exciting and energizing place to live, but it can also come with challenges. According to a report by the American Psychological Association, high cost of living, job stress, and isolation are just some of the factors adding to the stress and anxiety of Atlanta residents. 

    A variety of mental health professionals are available in Atlanta and Sandy Springs to provide support and resources. If you’re struggling with any of the below issues and you reside in Atlanta, I may be able to help you.

    • Narcissistic abuse and/or emotional abuse
    • Cycle of toxic relationships
    • PTSD or Complex Trauma
    • Difficulty setting boundaries 
    • Childhood abuse
    • People pleasing or perfectionistic behaviors
    • Low self-esteem
    • Negative thoughts

    How Therapy Can Help

    • Decrease co-dependency
    • Break unhealthy relationship cycles
    • Discover who you are
    • Increase your self-worth
    • Learn to set boundaries
    • Experience less worry, sadness, and fear
    • Resolve and heal from traumatic experiences

    Narcissistic Abuse & Trauma Therapist in Atlanta & Sandy Springs

    Individual therapy for Men, Women, Teens. 

    Online Locations: Atlanta, GA – Sandy Springs, GA – Greater Georgia Area

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    5887 Glenridge Dr. Ste. 230. Sandy Springs, GA. 30328