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    Online Therapy in Augusta, Georgia

    You live in Augusta, Georgia, the perfect area to raise a family. There is a large military community, access to great schools, and lots of family, friendly activities. Despite all these benefits, you feel a lot of pressure to fit in, have the perfect family, and keep up. On the outside people may think you have the perfect life, but on the inside, you feel lonely, misunderstood, and disconnected. You find yourself feeling depressed and then feeling guilty for being depressed.

    Can you relate to any of the below?

    You’ve recently relocated and feel lonely and disconnected.

    Everyone assumes you have the perfect marriage but you feel like you’re walking on eggshells. 

    -You’re in a relationship that has you feeling confused, guilty, and anxious.

    -You constantly compare yourself to others and feel you don’t measure up.

    -You feel like no one truly understands or sees you.

    Online Therapy Allows for Increased Privacy!

    I provide online therapy for individuals who struggle with trauma and anxiety, or have experienced narcissistic and/or emotional abuse.  Online therapy lets you skip the busy waiting area and avoid running into anyone you may know in the Augusta area. Services are offered online in Grovetown, Evans, and the surrounding Augusta area.

    How Therapy in Augusta, Georgia can help

    Feel less overwhelmed and guilty

    Break unhealthy relationship cycles

    Discover meaning for your life and goals

    Experience less pressure to be happy and have “the perfect life”

    Experience less worry, sadness, and fear

    Therapy Approaches for Counseling in Augusta, Georgia

    Online EMDR: EMDR helps you heal from past disturbing events by processing memories so that you feel less upset and triggered by them. EMDR can help you finally move past whatever has been holding you back from making positive changes in your life and relationships.

    Attachment Theory: A focus on understanding attachment and relational patterns developed in early childhood so that you can understand your current relationship patterns and learn how to break negative relationship cycles.

    Acceptance Commitment Therapy (ACT): A focus on acceptance of emotions and commitment to change so that you can begin to live a life and form relationships consistent with your values.

    Cognitive Behavioral Therapy: A focus on recognizing unhelpful thoughts and turning these thoughts into more useful ways of thinking so that you can feel less worried and more hopeful about the future.

    Get Started with Online Therapy in Augusta!

    You aren’t wrong for what you’re feeling. Experience the relief that comes with knowing you aren’t alone. Reach out today to get started with therapy. 

    Offered online in the following locations:

    Grovetown, Georgia – Evans, Georgia- Augusta, Georgia

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