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  • Meet Nicole, Licensed Professional Counselor

    You’re stuck in a cycle of relationships that have you feeling confused, depressed, and guilty. You get blamed for every argument. You ask yourself “Am I the narcissist?”

    You’re a people pleaser and so used to catering to others that you don’t know who you are or what you want. You get resentful and then feel bad. Guilt and shame are emotions you’re all too familiar with.

    You’re easily distracted and sometimes things around you feel unreal or foggy. Upsetting memories are sometimes so vivid that you can’t concentrate but other times so vague that you wonder what really happened. You ask yourself, did I make it all up?

    I specialize in helping individuals heal from narcissistic abuse, emotional abuse, narcissistic family dynamics, trauma, childhood abuse, and relationship anxiety. Through therapy you can learn to recognize gaslighting/emotional manipulation, escape the cycle of narcissistic abuse, increase your self-worth, and stop the guilt that comes from setting boundaries with others. Ultimately you can understand what’s blocking you from the life you want to live.

    Individual Therapy for Men, Women, and Teens (ages 16 and up). Online only. 

    Online Locations: Nashville, Tennessee – Brentwood, Tennessee – Atlanta, Georgia – Sandy Springs, Georgia – Greater Tennessee and Georgia Area

    Counseling Approaches:  

    I offer a combined approach including techniques and concepts from the following therapeutic models:

    Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing Therapy (EMDR): EMDR helps you heal from past disturbing events by processing memories so that you feel less upset and triggered by them. EMDR can help you finally move past whatever has been holding you back from making positive changes in your life and relationships.

    Attachment Theory: A focus on understanding attachment and relational patterns developed in early childhood so that you can understand your current relationship patterns and learn how to break negative relationship cycles.

    Acceptance Commitment Therapy (ACT): A focus on acceptance of emotions and commitment to change so that you can begin to live a life and form relationships consistent with your values.

    Cognitive Behavioral Therapy: A focus on recognizing unhelpful thoughts and turning these thoughts into more useful ways of thinking so that you can feel less worried and more hopeful about the future.


    I am a Licensed Professional Counselor in the states of Tennessee and Georgia. TN: LPC-MHSP #3679, GA: LPC #012084. I earned a Master’s degree in Clinical Counseling from The Chicago School of Professional Psychology in 2009. I have worked in a variety of settings over the course of my career to include residential mental health, therapeutic and charter schools, intensive outpatient programs, and private practice. I established Nicole Franco Counseling, LLC in 2017. Please note, due to the laws that regulate my professional license, I am only able to provide counseling services to individuals physically located in the states of Tennessee and Georgia.

    Narcissistic Abuse in Relationships

    Somehow everything gets twisted back on you. You feel guilty, confused, and anxious. You ask yourself “Am I the narcissist?”

    Narcissistic Abuse in Families

    As an adult, you do your best to have a relationship with your parent, but this means you always give in. You try to set boundaries...

    Trauma, PTSD, Anxiety

    You feel disconnected, spacey, or forgetful. You go from feeling numb to feeling intense anger, fear, or sadness. 

    EMDR Therapy

    Deep down, you have a belief about yourself that pops up from time to time. Maybe you believe you aren’t good enough, lovable, or worthy.