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  • Decreasing Codependency in Relationships

    You focus more attention on your partner than yourself. You know your relationship isn’t healthy but you feel addicted to it. You do anything you can to please your partner out of fear they might otherwise leave you. You feel ashamed and trapped. 

    Codependency describes a relationship pattern in which you continuously place the needs of your partner above your own, resulting in a power imbalance. Individuals who have experienced childhood trauma or witnessed codependency in their family are susceptible to being in a codependent relationship. Codependency can lead to unhealthy relationships, low self-esteem, depression, and anxiety.

    Signs of Codependency

    You may struggle with codependency if you identify with the below behaviors:

    • Crave validation, approval, and acceptance from others.
    • Lack boundaries.
    • Determine your value based on how you care for others.
    • Often apologize to avoid conflict.
    • Struggle with communication.
    • Dismiss or minimize your feelings and needs.
    • Experience constant guilt, shame, and anxiety in your relationship.
    • Determine your worth based on others’ opinions.
    • Have an intense fear of abandonment.
    • Endure and enable a partner’s toxic, abusive, or unhealthy behavior.
    • Make extreme sacrifices for your partner.
    • Have a poor self-image and self-identity.
    • Are a people pleaser.

    How Therapy Can Help 

    If you think you struggle with codependency or find yourself unable to leave an abusive relationship, you don’t need to struggle alone. I offer therapy for individuals struggling with codependency and recovering from narcissistic and emotional abuse. Through therapy you can:

    Build self-worth

    Learn to set boundaries 

    Develop interests outside of your relationship 

    Learn to communicate your needs 

    Develop healthy relationships 

    Decrease anxiety and depression

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