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  • Emotional Abuse is Abuse! How to Recognize the Signs and Get Help.

    Emotional AbuseWhat is Emotional Abuse?

    Emotional abuse occurs when one person displays a pattern of controlling and manipulative behaviors towards another person. Emotional abuse can exist in romantic partnerships, family relationships, friendships, or workplace relationships. Victims of emotional abuse are often hesitant to terminate the relationship for fear of retaliation. Examples of retaliation can include financial damage, slander, extortion, intimidation, threats, forced isolation, acts of aggression towards others, and attempts/threats to self-harm.

    Signs of Emotional Abuse

    Individuals who experience emotional abuse tend to dismiss or minimize the abuse. Below are some indicators that you may be experiencing emotional abuse in your relationship.

    If your partner demonstrate a pervasive pattern of:

    • Criticizing you
    • Interrogating you during arguments
    • Blaming/accusing you
    • Making you doubt yourself and your reality
    • Making you doubt your memory
    • Isolating you from friends and family
    • Shaming you
    • Name calling/cursing
    • Yelling/screaming
    • Making threatening gestures/damaging property
    • Making verbal threats
    • Belittling you alone or in front of others
    • Controlling what you say, wear, do etc.
    • Showing jealousy when you interact with others
    • Limiting your access to finances
    • Threatening extortion if you leave
    • Speaking poorly about you to others or to your children
    • Invading your personal space/boundaries
    • Spying on or following you

    Therapy for Emotional Abuse

    It is important to know that emotional abuse is abuse! You do not need bruises or injuries to justify that you are being abused. I offer therapy for individuals experiencing emotional abuse. Contact Me to schedule an appointment and refer to the below resources for more information on emotional abuse and domestic violence.

    Domestic Violence Hotline: 800-799-7233

    Mental Health Emergency Number: 988

    National Coalition Against Domestic Violence

    Online Locations: Nashville, Tennessee – Brentwood, Tennessee – Atlanta, Georgia – Sandy Springs, Georgia – Greater Tennessee and Georgia Area

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