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  • Healing from Childhood Abuse and Trauma

    Survivors of childhood abuse and trauma can experience the effects well into adulthood. Many people aren’t aware they’ve experienced childhood abuse, which makes it difficult for them to recognize and heal from the trauma. The Adverse Childhood Experiences questionnaire is an assessment that helps determine the impact of childhood abuse. It consists of questions to account for physical, sexual, and emotional abuse, emotional and physical neglect, domestic violence, and additional trauma from childhood.


    Symptoms of Childhood Trauma

    Below are common symptoms experienced by adults with a history of childhood trauma, abuse, and/or neglect:

    • Feelings of panic, anxiety, dread, or worry.
    • Feeling unworthy/low self-esteem.
    • Intrusive memories or thoughts related to the abuse.
    • Dissociating, disconnecting, or detaching from trauma memories.
    • Gaps in childhood memories, difficulty recalling events.
    • Feeling numb.
    • Difficulty in relationships.
    • Feeling depressed.
    • Difficulty sleeping.
    • Nightmares or flashbacks of the abuse.
    • Easily startled, hypervigilant.
    • Intense emotions or mood swings.
    • Chronic physical pain.
    • Fearing abandonment.

    Treatment for Childhood Abuse and Trauma

    Trauma therapy can help you heal from childhood abuse and experience a lighter and more peaceful life. Through psychotherapy you can:

    • Increase self-worth.
    • Develop healthy relationships.
    • Recognize how ACEs impact your daily functioning.
    • Feel less anxious and depressed.
    • Feel hopeful about the future.

    I specialize in trauma therapy and EMDR therapy to help survivors of childhood abuse. Contact me today to request an appointment.

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