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  • How EMDR Therapy Resolves Trauma Memories

    EMDR stands for Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing Therapy. EMDR is a unique approach that facilitates the reprocessing of upsetting and disturbing memories. Research has shown EMDR to be effective in treating PTSD, Depression, Anxiety, and a variety of other mental health disorders.

    How EMDR Reprocessing Works

    The EMDR model theorizes that the memory from a traumatic event does not get properly stored in the brain, causing an emotionally reactive response to any triggering stimulus of that memory. The goal of EMDR is to properly process and store memories in the brain so that you can access them in a healthier and less triggering way. This is done through the pairing of bilateral stimulation (BLS) with purposeful memory recall. BLS consists of alternating left and right movements such as, eye movements, tapping on legs or shoulders, sounds from one ear to the next, or tactile vibrations. During an EMDR session, you will identify an upsetting memory and a negative belief associated with that memory. During this memory recall, your therapist will guide you through sets of BLS and routinely check in to ask what you are noticing and experiencing. Your responses will help the therapist determine the length and amount of BLS needed to fully reprocess a memory. A memory is considered fully reprocessed when it no longer feels disturbing, and the negative belief no longer feels true.

    Benefits of EMDR Therapy

    • -Feel less triggered by the memory/memories
    • -Feel less shame and guilt
    • -Develop new positive beliefs about yourself
    • -Feel less anxious and depressed
    • -Feel hopeful and positive about the future
    • -Develop self-worth
    • -Strengthen relationships and boundaries
    • -Resolve and heal from trauma

    Getting Started with EMDR

    I provide online EMDR for individuals struggling with anxiety, PTSD, or narcissistic abuse. I use video software specifically designed to conduct EMDR therapy online with BLS. Please contact me to learn more about EMDR therapy or request an appointment.

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