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  • What Determines My Attachment Style?

    Attachment StylesTypes of Attachment Styles

    Your attachment style describes how you emotionally bond and connect to another person. There are four adult attachment styles that describe how people perceive, behave, and function in relationships. These styles are secure, anxious, avoidant, and anxious avoidant.

    Secure: People with secure attachment are effective communicators, comfortable showing and receiving love, and are aware of their self-worth. They are supportive of their partners and feel secure seeking emotional intimacy with a partner.

    Anxious: People with an anxious attachment style are eager for closeness with their partner, but are also overly concerned about their partner and the relationship. They fear their partner does not reciprocate their feelings, which causes insecurities in the relationship.

    Avoidant: People with avoidant attachment style prefer their independence over being in a relationship. They want to be close to others but are uncomfortable with emotional intimacy. Those with avoidant attachment style are fearful of losing their independence to their partner.

    Anxious Avoidant: Also referred to as disorganized attachment, this style includes components of both anxious and avoidant attachment styles. Disorganized attachment is theorized to be a result of childhood trauma or abuse.

    How Childhood Trauma Impacts Attachment

    Attachment Styles are determined by early childhood relationships and further developed by adult interpersonal relationships. Attachment trauma occurs when a child experiences disruptions in their relationship with a caregiver. These disruptions can significantly impact how a person perceives, interacts, and relates to others. If you had an inconsistent or frightening caregiver, you may struggle to trust others and build emotional intimacy as an adult.

    How Therapy Can Help

    There is hope! Through therapy you can:

    • Identify and understand your attachment style
    • Recognize triggers for anxiety in relationships
    • Understand the behaviors that cause strain in your relationships
    • Heal and resolve childhood trauma
    • Increase self-esteem
    • Learn to form healthy, secure relationships

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