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  • Why Trauma Effects Motivation

    Trauma effects motivation

    Why Trauma Effects Motivation

    If you have been diagnosed with Complex Trauma or PTSD, then you likely struggle with low motivation and low energy. Many people don’t understand that low motivation is a very normal and understandable symptom of trauma that can be effectively managed with the right tools.

    The body automatically shutdowns in an act of self-preservation when it has been exposed to repeated stressors or traumas. In this state, referred to as dorsal vagal shutdown, the body directs all its energy towards calming the nervous system, resulting in feelings of depression, helplessness, and numbness. It is very difficult when in dorsal vagal shutdown, to focus on any tasks outside of preserving the body.

    How to Cope with Low Motivation

    Below are some tips to help you cope with low motivation and bring your body out of dorsal vagal shutdown:

    1. Break tasks down into small parts: The body goes into dorsal vagal shutdown when it becomes overwhelmed by stressors. Breaking tasks down into smaller parts will help limit feelings of overwhelm and make tasks seem more doable.

    2. Engage in grounding techniques: Grounding techniques help soothe the nervous system and can bring you out of dorsal vagal shutdown. Simple things like stretching, deep breathing, or massaging your temples can help with this process.

    3. Recognize shameful thoughts associated with low motivation: Many trauma survivors struggle with low self-worth and have negative thoughts. These thoughts create feelings of helplessness, which triggers dorsal vagal shutdown. Notice when you are having negative thoughts and try to reframe them in a more positive way.

    4. Trauma Informed Therapy: Meeting with a trauma informed therapist can help you process and work through the trauma so that it is less triggering to your nervous system. 

    Therapy for Complex Trauma and PTSD

    I offer therapy for individuals struggling it Complex Trauma, PTSD, and anxiety. Through trauma informed therapy you can:

    • Recognize when your body is in shutdown mode
    • Learn effective coping strategies
    • Increase self-worth
    • Increase motivation
    • Reframe the trauma narrative
    • Develop healthier thought processes
    • Feel less helpless

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