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  • How to Choose a Therapist in Atlanta, Georgia

    Therapist in Atlanta, Georgia

    Therapist in Atlanta, Georgia

    Atlanta is one of the largest cities in the Southeast. Home to the busiest airport and the headquarter of several corporations, Atlanta has long maintained the status of a major city. Atlanta is an exciting place to live with energetic night life and expansive work opportunities, but it also presents some mental health challenges for its residents. Studies have shown that residents of larger cities report higher levels of depression, anxiety, stress, and loneliness. This heightened stress can make it overwhelming to choose a therapist or know how to get started with mental health treatment. Read below to learn more about the mental health struggles that come with living in a large city and how to choose the right therapist in Atlanta for you!

    Mental Health Struggles in Atlanta, Georgia

    A recent study conducted by William Russell reveals that Atlanta is ranked among the most stressful cities to live in the world. Atlantans reports cost of living, job stress, and highly congested traffic to be among the highest causes of their stress.

    Loneliness is another factor affecting the mental health of Atlanta residents. The larger a city, the more difficult it is to connect with others. Atlanta has a revolving door of new residents and tourists, which can make it harder to form long lasting relationships.

    How to Choose a Therapist in Atlanta, Georgia

    Atlanta has an abundance of mental health providers and it be overwhelming trying to choose the right therapist for you. Use a therapist directory like Psychology Today, to help locate a therapist in your area with filtered searches based on your needs. You want to make sure you choose a therapist who specializes in working with your demographic and who is trained to appropriately treat your mental health symptoms.

    I specialize in narcissistic abuse, trauma therapy, and EMDR therapy for residents of Atlanta, Georgia and the surrounding Georgia area. Through therapy you can:

    • Feel less hopeless
    • Learn to manage stress
    • Strengthen relationships
    • Find meaning and purpose in your life
    • Build self-esteem

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    Therapist in Atlanta, GA.