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  • Fearing Your Next Panic Attack? Psychotherapy Can Help.

    PsychotherapyA panic attack is an abrupt episode of intense anxiety and fear that is not triggered by an external threat. Panic attacks can vary in length and last up to 30 minutes at a time. If you have frequent panic attacks, it is possible you have a Panic Disorder. Panic attacks are scary and the fear of having another panic attack can impact your willingness to participate in daily activities. Read below to learn how psychotherapy can help you manage and decrease panic attacks.

    Symptoms of a Panic Attack:

    If you have simultaneously experienced four or more of the below symptoms, then it’s possible you have experienced a panic attack.

    -Accelerated heart rate – Shortness of breath – Dizziness – Numbness or tingling – Nausea – Sensation of choking – Chest pain – Hot flashes or cold sweats – Trembling or shaking – Derealization or depersonalization – Think you are dying – Intense dread, fear, or worry – Fear of losing control

    How Psychotherapy Helps Panic Attacks

    If you struggle with panic attacks, it is important to know you aren’t alone and help is available. Reach out to a counselor or therapist who specializes in panic attacks or Panic Disorder, PTSD, or other anxiety disorders to begin experiencing relief. Through psychotherapy you can:

    -Identify triggers of a panic attack (thoughts, reminders, places, scents etc).

    -Develop relaxation skills to manage fear during a panic attack (mindfulness, grounding, deep breathing, progressive muscle relaxation etc).

    -Learn why avoidance of a panic attack can actually make panic attacks occur more frequently and severely.

    -Identify negative beliefs about yourself or the world that cause feelings of panic and fear.

    -Understand how past experiences contribute to panic attacks.

    -Begin to feel safe and capable navigating daily life.

    -Begin to decrease or eliminate panic attacks all together.

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    I specialize in therapy for individuals with PTSD and anxiety symptoms. This often includes panic attacks or feelings of daily panic. Please contact me today to get started with counseling for panic attacks. Offered online in Georgia and Tennessee.

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