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  • Understanding the Effects of Spring Depression on Mental Health

    Mental Health Therapy

    What is Spring Depression?

    Spring depression, sometimes known as reverse seasonal affective disorder, refers to the increase in mental health symptoms associated with the Spring season. Reports of depression, anxiety, and suicidal ideation tend to be higher in the Spring, which is surprising given that Spring symbolizes hope and renewal. Understanding how Spring depression effects your mental health is the first step to learning how to cope with and manage depressive symptoms. 

    Why the Spring Season Impacts Mental Health

    Weather change: The sudden increase in sunlight causes a decrease of melatonin in the body, impacting both mood and sleep patterns.

    Pollen: The increase of pollen during the Spring can cause inflammation in the body. Research has found that inflammation is associated with depression. 

    Social pressure: The Spring season brings an influx of social engagements such as weddings, cookouts, and outdoor parties. For individuals who struggle with social anxiety, this can be a challenging and stressful time to be faced with accepting or turning down invitations.

    Time change: The Spring Daylight Saving Time gives us lighter evenings but darker mornings. Less morning light can cause a decrease in serotonin, which is associated with increased depression.

    How to Take Care of Your Mental Health in the Spring

    Be patient: Seasons are cyclical, and it can take time for your body and mental health to adjust to the changes. Be patient and give yourself grace for what you’re experiencing.

    Stick to a routine: Spring brings many changes and disruptions to the body and sleep cycle. Create a routine for yourself to help decrease the anxiety that comes with seasonal changes.

    Self-care: Recognize that you may benefit from extra self-care during the Spring. You can self-sooth through activities such as journaling, exercise, massage, or meditation.

    Start psychotherapy: Psychotherapy is a great way to better understand your mental health symptoms and learn effective coping skills to manage depression and/or anxiety.

    Therapy for Spring Depression and Anxiety

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